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Troubleshooting Nominatim Installations

Installation Issues

Can a stopped/killed import process be resumed?

"I accidentally killed the import process after it has been running for many hours. Can it be resumed?"

It is possible if the import already got to the indexing stage. Check the last line of output that was logged before the process was killed. If it looks like this:

Done 844 in 13 @ 64.923080 per second - Rank 26 ETA (seconds): 7.886255

then you can resume with the following command:

nominatim import --continue indexing

If the reported rank is 26 or higher, you can also safely add --index-noanalyse.

PostgreSQL crashed "invalid page in block"

Usually serious problem, can be a hardware issue, not all data written to disc for example. Check PostgreSQL log file and search PostgreSQL issues/mailing list for hints.

If it happened during index creation you can try rerunning the step with

nominatim import --continue indexing

Otherwise it's best to start the full setup from the beginning. version mismatch

When running the import you may get a version mismatch: COPY_END for place failed: ERROR: incompatible library "/srv/Nominatim/nominatim/build/module/": version mismatch

pg_config seems to use bad includes sometimes when multiple versions of PostgreSQL are available in the system. Make sure you remove the server development libraries (postgresql-server-dev-13 on Ubuntu) and recompile (cmake .. && make).

I see the error "ERROR: permission denied for language c", written in C, is required to be installed on the database server. Some managed database (cloud) services like Amazon RDS do not allow this. There is currently no work-around other than installing a database on a non-managed machine.

I see the error: "function transliteration(text) does not exist"

Reinstall the nominatim functions with nominatim refresh --functions and check for any errors, e.g. a missing file.

I see the error: "ERROR: mmap (remap) failed"

This may be a simple out-of-memory error. Try reducing the memory used for --osm2pgsql-cache. Also make sure that overcommitting memory is allowed: cat /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory should print 0 or 1.

If you are using a flatnode file, then it may also be that the underlying filesystem does not fully support 'mmap'. A notable candidate is virtualbox's vboxfs.

nominatim UPDATE failed: ERROR: buffer 179261 is not owned by resource owner Portal

Several users reported this during the initial import of the database. It's something PostgreSQL internal Nominatim doesn't control. And PostgreSQL forums suggest it's threading related but definitely some kind of crash of a process. Users reported either rebooting the server, different hardware or just trying the import again worked.

The website shows: "Could not get word tokens"

The server cannot access your database. Add &debug=1 to your URL to get the full error message.

Website reports "DB Error: insufficient permissions"

The user the webserver, e.g. Apache, runs under needs to have access to the Nominatim database. You can find the user like this, for default Ubuntu operating system for example it's www-data.

  1. Repeat the createuser step of the installation instructions.

  2. Give the user permission to existing tables

   GRANT usage ON SCHEMA public TO "www-data";

Website reports "Could not load library ""

Example error message

   SELECT make_standard_name('3039 E MEADOWLARK LN') [nativecode=ERROR: could not
   load library "/srv/nominatim/Nominatim-3.1.0/build/module/":
   /srv/nominatim/Nominatim-3.1.0/build/module/ cannot open shared
   object file: Permission denied
   CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function make_standard_name(text) line 5 at assignment]

The PostgreSQL database, i.e. user postgres, needs to have access to that file.

The permission need to be read & executable by everybody, but not writeable by everybody, e.g.

   -rwxr-xr-x 1 nominatim nominatim 297984 build/module/

Try chmod a+r; chmod a+x

When you recently updated your operating system, updated PostgreSQL to a new version or moved files (e.g. the build directory) you should recreate Try

   cd build
   rm -r module/
   cmake $main_Nominatim_path && make

Setup fails with "DB Error: extension not found"

Make sure you have the PostgreSQL extensions "hstore" and "postgis" installed. See the installation instructions for a full list of required packages.

I forgot to delete the flatnodes file before starting an import.

That's fine. For each import the flatnodes file get overwritten. See for more information.

Running your own instance

Can I import negative OSM ids into Nominatim?

See this question of Stackoverflow.