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Installing TIGER housenumber data for the US

Nominatim is able to use the official TIGER address set to complement the OSM house number data in the US. You can add TIGER data to your own Nominatim instance by following these steps. The entire US adds about 10GB to your database.

  1. Get preprocessed TIGER data:

  2. Import the data into your Nominatim database:

    nominatim add-data --tiger-data tiger-nominatim-preprocessed-latest.csv.tar.gz
  3. Enable use of the Tiger data in your existing .env file by adding:

    echo NOMINATIM_USE_US_TIGER_DATA=yes >> .env
  4. Apply the new settings:

    nominatim refresh --functions --website

See the TIGER-data project for more information on how the data got preprocessed.