Supporting Nominatim Development

Thank you for your interest in supporting Nominatim. Your support helps to ensure that the software is improved regularly and has a faster pace of development. Your financial contributions are used to

You can make a one-time donation or become a regular supporter.

One-time donations

You can make a one-time donation via the PayPal link below or via Github Sponsors. If you prefer to make a donation via bank transfer or need an invoice, please contact

Regular supporters

With a regular contribution you can ensure that development is sustainable over a long term. You can set up monthly contributions via Github Sponsors.

Support contracts

You can also regularly support development through a support contract. Purchase a monthly quota of hours you can use to ask questions about your own installation or the software in general. Any unused hours go in full into maintaining and improving Nominatim.

Funding of specific features

There are some items on the wish list for Nominatim that would fit well into the software but are not a priority for its use as a search engine on the OpenStreetMap website. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

If you are interested in funding one of these features or have other features that you require for your use of Nominatim, please get in contact at

Our supporters

We thank the following companies for their support of parts of the Nominatim development:

NGI Zero Entrust OpenCage Graphhopper Komoot

Former Supporters