We are happy to announce a new release 4.1.1 of Nominatim. This is a bugfix release which resolves some smaller issues around updates of databases and search.

This release collects a number of smaller bugfixes:

  • fix minimum number of retrieved results to be at least 10
  • fix search for combinations of special term + name (e.g Hotel Bellevue)
  • do not return interpolations without a parent street on reverse search
  • improve invalidation of linked places on updates
  • fix address parsing for interpolation lines
  • make sure socket timeouts are respected during replication (working around a bug in some versions of pyosmium)

Updating from any version between 3.6.x and 4.1.x to the new release is straightforward. Please follow the instructions from the migration guide.

Fixing a potential failure during updates

Please note that this release also fixes a potential crash of the update process when handling addr:interpolation updates with an illegal value. If you see an error message like this while running updates:

psycopg2.errors.InvalidTextRepresentation: invalid input syntax for type smallint: "12-2"

then some illegal data has found its way into your database. You need to first remove the bad data by running the following SQL command (using psql):

DELETE FROM location_property_osmline
  WHERE address->'interpolation' not in ('odd', 'even', 'all')
        and not address->'interpolation' similar to '[1-9]'

Then update Nominatim to the latest 4.1.1 version and restart updates.