This week we have released version 3.7.0 of Nominatim. The two biggest changes of this release have already been introduced in previous blog posts: the new nominatim tool and the change in how Nominatim is installed. To make transition and updating easier for you, 3.7.0 is a transitional release that still supports the old way of installing and running the admin tools. The old PHP scripts will be removed in the next release.

With this release we have also switched to a new format for the configuration file. Nominatim now uses dotenv for custom configuration. As a user you now have the choice to store your configuration in the .env file in your project directory or simply set environment variables. This gives you more flexibility. For example, when you want to catch up once on a larger chunk of updates, you can do this quickly on the command line without having to change your settings:

NOMINATIM_REPLICATION_MAX_DIFF=3000 nominatim replication --once

This will fetch 3GB of updates instead of the usual 50MB.

For more information about how to update to the newest version, have a look at the Migration guide in the documentation.