Documentation Pages

The Nominatim documentation is built using the MkDocs static site generation framework. The master branch is automatically deployed every night on under

To preview local changes, first install MkDocs

pip3 install --user mkdocs

Then go to the build directory and run

make doc
INFO - Cleaning site directory
INFO - Building documentation to directory: /home/vagrant/build/site-html

This runs mkdocs build plus extra transformation of some files and adds symlinks (see CMakeLists.txt for the exact steps).

Now you can start webserver for local testing

build> mkdocs serve
[server:296] Serving on
[handlers:62] Start watching changes

If you develop inside a Vagrant virtual machine:

  • add port forwarding to your Vagrantfile, e.g. "forwarded_port", guest: 8000, host: 8000
  • use mkdocs serve --dev-addr because the default localhost IP does not get forwarded.