Address lookup

Lookup the address of one or multiple OSM objects like node, way or relation.

  • format=[xml|json]

    • Output format
  • json_callback=<string>

    • Wrap json output in a callback function (JSONP) i.e. <string>(<json>)
  • accept-language=<browser language string>

    • Preferred language order for showing search results, overrides the value specified in the "Accept-Language" HTTP header.
    • Either uses standard rfc2616 accept-language string or a simple comma separated list of language codes.
  • osm_ids=[N|W|R]<value>,…,[N|W|R]<value

    • A list of up to 50 specific osm node, way or relations ids to return the addresses for
  • addressdetails=[0|1]

    • defaults to 0
    • Include a breakdown of the address into elements
  • email=<valid email address>

    • If you are making large numbers of request please include a valid email address or alternatively include your email address as part of the User-Agent string.
    • This information will be kept confidential and only used to contact you in the event of a problem, see Usage Policy for more details.
  • extratags=1

    • Include additional information in the result if available, e.g. wikipedia link, opening hours.
  • namedetails=1

    • Include a list of alternative names in the results.
    • These may include language variants, references, operator and brand.


  <lookupresults timestamp="Mon, 29 Jun 15 18:01:33 +0000" attribution="Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbL 1.0." querystring="R146656,W104393803,N240109189" polygon="false">
    <place place_id="127761056" osm_type="relation" osm_id="146656" place_rank="16" lat="53.4791466" lon="-2.2447445" display_name="Manchester, Greater Manchester, North West England, England, United Kingdom" class="boundary" type="administrative" importance="0.704893333438333">
      <county>Greater Manchester</county>
      <state_district>North West England</state_district>
      <country>United Kingdom</country>
    <place place_id="77769745" osm_type="way" osm_id="104393803" place_rank="30" lat="52.5162024" lon="13.3777343363579" display_name="Brandenburg Gate, 1, Pariser Platz, Mitte, Berlin, 10117, Germany" class="tourism" type="attraction" importance="0.443472858361592">
      <attraction>Brandenburg Gate</attraction>
      <pedestrian>Pariser Platz</pedestrian>
    <place place_id="2570600569" osm_type="node" osm_id="240109189" place_rank="15" lat="52.5170365" lon="13.3888599" display_name="Berlin, Germany" class="place" type="city" importance="0.822149797630868">