Documentation Pages

The Nominatim documentation is built using the MkDocs static site generation framework. The master branch is automatically deployed every night on under

To preview local changes:

  1. Install MkDocs

pip3 install --user mkdocs

  1. In build directory run

make doc INFO - Cleaning site directory INFO - Building documentation to directory: /home/vagrant/build/site-html

This runs mkdocs build plus extra transformion of some files and adds symlinks (see CMakeLists.txt for the exact steps).

  1. Start webserver for local testing

mkdocs serve [server:296] Serving on [handlers:62] Start watching changes

If you develop inside a Vagrant virtual machine: * add port forwarding to your Vagrantfile, e.g. "forwarded_port", guest: 8000, host: 8000 * use mkdocs serve --dev-addr because the default localhost IP does not get forwarded.